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New California Privacy Law Has Implications Beyond That State’s Borders

California is implementing a law that has major implications for companies that deal in personal data as well as large to medium sized companies that have an internet presence in California. The California Consumer Privacy Act passed this summer and will take effect on January 1, 2020. Its strict compliance requirements will impact many companies … Continue Reading

Countdown to GDPR Deadline: What Your Organization Should Be Doing to Prepare

In late May, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, changing the manner in which companies all over the world – not just those in the EU – store and use Europeans’ personal data. GDPR requires any company that collects personal information of European citizens to comply with its data privacy … Continue Reading

Evolution of the General Counsel: A TerraLex Report

TerraLex recently published The General Counsel Excellence Report 2017, which tracks the continuing evolution of the role of corporate general counsel to encompass important nontraditional areas of focus and responsibilities. TerraLex, a referral network of more than 150 law firms (including Parker Poe) in more than 100 countries, sponsored similar surveys in 2013 and 2015. … Continue Reading

SEC Emphasizes Need for Cyber Protections

The Securities and Exchange Commission continues to encourage entities within its purview to institute cyber protections, especially in the wake of the rash of recent ransomware attacks. Numerous companies, including broker-dealers and investment management firms, have fallen victim to ransomware, which infiltrates the victim’s computer systems and blocks access to files with the threat of … Continue Reading

NLRB Again Calls Into Question Prohibitions Against Recorded Workplace Conversations

Many companies traditionally prohibited employees from recording their conversations in the workplace – whether the person being recorded knew that a record was being made or not. Over the past few years, broad versions of these policies have come under National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) scrutiny, especially when violation of the policy forms the basis … Continue Reading

Whistleblower Retaliation Remains in the SEC’s Crosshairs

Whistleblower tips and awards for securities law violations have increased dramatically over the past year, according to the staff of the SEC Enforcement Division’s Office of the Whistleblower. Also during that time, the Whistleblower Office has stepped up its vigilance over retaliation by companies against whistleblowers, imposing penalties against companies more frequently and expanding the … Continue Reading